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The task of a ghostwriter is to create texts on behalf of other persons, usually without being mentioned as author. The services of ghostwriters are used by such organizations as publishing houses, ghostwriting and text agencies, as well as public institutions. Learn more under “Ghostwriting as a phenomenon in the anonymous world of texts“.

Ghostwriting in terms of anonymous contract writing covers all kinds of writing activities. The services offered by a ghostwriter include, for example, the writing of autobiographies, advertising texts, song lyrics, or texts for company websites. Particularly common forms of ghostwriting are speech writing and academic ghostwriting. While ghostwriting in terms of speech writing frequently occurs in industry and politics, academic ghostwriting is about writing scientific sample texts at academic level. Learn more under “Ghostwriting as a phenomenon in the anonymous world of texts“.

Academic ghostwriting is that form of ghostwriting that centers on academic text writing. Accordingly, academic ghostwriters provide valuable support and assistance when it comes to preparing term and seminar papers, essays, Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses, Diploma theses, Magister theses, state examination theses, doctoral theses or scientific articles, for example. In doing so, they act either as academic authors that provide an academic template text clients can use for optimum orientation; or as academic coaches that safely guide clients through the writing process by giving helpful hints and making suggestions. It goes without saying that editorial work such as proofreading, editing, as well as translating, paraphrasing and formatting academic texts are part of the service portfolio of academic ghostwriters as well. For more detailed information, see “Ghostwriting as a phenomenon in the anonymous world of texts“ and “Ghostwriters as drivers of successful studies and careers“.

Compared to single service providers, a ghostwriting agency like offers several advantages at once: For one thing, agencies have the opportunity to select from a large pool of freelancers. This not only allows them to ensure allocation of incoming projects to qualified agents. Also, the multitude of agents enables an agency to respond to shortages in a flexible manner. If, for example, a writer is suddenly no longer available due to illness, an agency is in the favorable position of assigning a replacement writer with the continuation of the project so as to prevent its cancellation. In particularly urgent cases where deadlines are extremely tight, there is the option to have several writers work on a project simultaneously. Another advantage to single providers lies in more extensive services. In addition to personal client advisors, agencies like usually employ experienced project managers to ensure sound coordination, processing and monitoring of projects, as well as knowledgeable quality managers that carry out thorough quality checks according to the dual-control principle for every work.

In order to meet the high requirements of academic text services, an academic education is a prerequisite for anyone working as a freelancer for Of course, that is not all. In addition, we attach great importance to best-possible qualifications. Thus, all of our freelancers hold an above-average academic degree at Master’s or doctoral level. This allows us to safeguard expertise and know-how even for more sophisticated projects such as the creation of a sample text at doctoral or PhD level.

No, contacting our freelancers directly is not possible for clients. In order for our agents to focus exclusively on providing high-quality performances for you, client-related issues are dealt with by reliable personal advisors that are available for you in the case of questions and need for discussion by telephone, in the chat, or via email 365 days a year. Being an interface between clients and agents, our discrete client advisors also make it possible to preserve what is highly valued in ghostwriting: the anonymity of clients and project agents alike. They make sure at all times that the identity of each party remains unknown.

As for the preparation of texts, our portfolio includes, in addition to topic proposals and outline drafts, the preparation of academic text templates (abstract, summary, exposé, case study, legal term paper, term paper/seminar paper, essay, project thesis, capstone paper, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis, diploma thesis, magister’s thesis, CAS thesis, scientific article) as well as the writing of image-enhancing corporate books.

The spectrum of our other services ranges from editorial work to scientific services and career services. The first category includes top-precision proofreading and editing, paraphrasing, formatting and plagiarism checks. Among our scientific services are meticulous literature searches, templates for qualitative interviews and quantitative interviews, scientific reviews, transcriptions, and statistical analysis. Career services include the development of strategically sound business plans and in-depth market analyses, persuasive motivation letter and resumé templates, translations, the design of PowerPoint presentations and disputation presentations, personalized doctoral advisory service, and the publication of books or articles in a peer-reviewed journal. Learn more under “Ghostwriters as drivers of successful studies and careers“.

Our experienced science experts offer professional and reliable academic support in more than 40 disciplines from the academic fields of Natural Science, Social Sciences, Business Studies, Humanities, Law, Structural Sciences, Engineering, Cultural Sciences, and Medicine. This includes MINT subjects and other disciplinary subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy & History, Business Management and Economics, as well as interdisciplinary subjects such as Socioeconomics, Nursing Science, and Agriculture & Forestry.

Given the great variety of possible text services, it may occur that some requested services are not considered in our service portfolio. Examples include generating content or company websites or writing a template for a postdoctoral thesis. All you have to do in such a case is inform us about your request by phone or via email. Our friendly client advisors are looking forward to advising you free of charge and without any obligation.

The academic writing services we offer are by no means illegal. For the purpose of the texts created by is not to substitute any examination performance. Those texts are templates, drafts or samples that can be used by clients as a tool for orientation and optimization when it comes to writing an academic text on their own. What is punishable in Germany under § 156 StGB (German Criminal Code) is submitting a template text written by a ghostwriter as one’s own examination performance along with an affidavit. For more information, click “Ghostwriting as a legal alternative to writing yourself“ and “Academic ghostwriting is not illegal“.

Selecting an agent to work on a certain project depends on a freelancer’s qualification, expertise and skills. Thanks to our broadly diversified network of academic specialists in various knowledge areas, we are able to properly allocate agents to projects according to the specific project requirements. As a result, for example, academic template texts at doctoral level are written exclusively by freelancers that hold a doctoral degree in the respective specialist field; the development of case study examples, statistical analyses or templates for qualitative interviews and quantitative interviews is done by authors that have a wealth of experience in dealing with methods of empirical research; translations are made by academic language experts and sworn interpreters.

Ensuring the quality of our services and, thereby, the satisfaction of our clients are paramount. Therefore conducts thorough quality management in order to meet our clients‘ demands: At every stage of a project, competent quality managers ensure compliance with strict quality criteria based on permanent quality checks. If at one point a performance is not in line with those criteria, they immediately arrange for the necessary corrections on the part of the responsible agents, with whom our quality managers are in close contact throughout the project period.

All the written work we provide you with is unique. Within the scope of our quality management, we conduct a thorough plagiarism check before a textwork is accepted, using state-of-the-art software. See for yourself: If requested, we will be delighted to present to you the complete plagiarism appraisal report for inspection.

The price for processing a project varies depending on the type, scope and duration of a project. Using our online price calculator, you can quickly and easily get a price estimate for your desired project. When it comes to pricing, we guarantee a fair price-performance ratio – in other words: our services and performances are worth its price. Included in any project price are several services at once: personal and 100% discreet client advisory service round the clock, comprehensive project management, project processing through competent and qualified freelancers, meticulous quality management, and if requested, subsequent revision. Learn more under "Ghostwriters focus on clients‘ goal and benefit when it comes to price“.

Yes, payment in instalments is an option within the scope of our client-friendly milestones system. Depending on the type and scope of a project, our clients are free to pay the respective invoice amount in several stages (milestones). The maximum possible number of such interest-free instalment payments is five. For each milestone set, you will receive prior to the commencement of a milestone phase an electronic invoice that you need to settle within the specified period. Once the respective instalment payment has been made and the partial performance of the agent been rendered, there will be a file available for download in the user dashboard. This procedure is repeated until the final instalment has been made. Learn more under “Ghostwriters write success stories by milestones – our clients decide which way to go“.

After compiling your prospective order, our price calculator will provide you with an estimated price. Subsequently, you will be asked to determine the number of milestones (payment steps). In the next step, you will have the opportunity to review the request details for accuracy and then place the order. After placing an order, you will be immediately sent an invoice via email. In the event of several milestones, you will make a proportional advance payment prior to the commencement of each milestone. In the case of minor projects which solely require one milestone, you need to pay the entire invoice amount in advance. The processing of a project commences once the invoice amount is credited.

Dealing with client data in a confidential and safe fashion is a matter of course for us and not least a cornerstone of our success. We assure you that we protect the privacy of our clients at all times. Data protection, to us, does not only mean providing a safe platform for encrypted data transmission. Moreover, it is part of our client policy that the relationship between clients and agents remains anonymous. Neither client nor agent gains access to person-related data of either side. What is more, our personal client advisors are contractually obligated to maintain complete confidentiality concerning client data. Upon completion of a project, your order data will be entirely deleted from our system. For more detailed information regarding client data protection, see our Privacy Policy.

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