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Transcriptions are a written or printed versions of a copy, transcript, speech, video or music content. Transcribing recorded data, whether it is a conversation, an interview, a talk, or a speech, is done across various industries. Transcriptions are an essential tool of analysis and documentation not only to linguists, social scientists, psychologists or media & communication scientists but also to lawyers, journalists and companies. The disadvantage is that there is no other writing activity that is more exhausting, time-consuming, and frustrating than transcription. Do yourself a favor and save your valuable time for something more important – leave the tedious typing activity to the dedicated language experts at We will provide you with various types of transcriptions based on your needs: whether you need transcriptions with or without timestamps, whether with well-formed sentences or with phonetically accurate sentences – with you always make the right choice! Furthermore, our transcription services are not limited to the German language. Thanks to the international nature of our team of freelance language professionals, we can also provide you with high-quality transcriptions in other languages. All you need to do is upload the appropriate audio or video file. We will take care of everything else!


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Transcriptions are an extremely useful for converting any information into text format, whether it is a video, recording, or speech. Do you have the task of transcribing but lack confidence or don't want to waste time because you are overburdened with other responsibilities? is here to help you in every way possible, not only with transcriptions but also with formatting, proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, translations, or plagiarism check.


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