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Academic ghostwriting – Career Driver Or Career Killer?

In order to get off to a good start in your career, holding an academic degree is a prerequisite in many cases. According to the current report on education released by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), university graduates are significantly better off in terms of wages and salaries than people with only secondary and higher secondary school qualification.

Anyone who seeks to get a well-paid job in industry, needs to meet high requirements. The path to obtaining a successful academic degree, therefore, is oftentimes a rocky one. What is frequently required are not only top grades but also several internships and stays abroad. Being under such a pressure to perform, it is not always easy to take the time necessary to focus on writing one’s term papers and degree theses. What is more, the great majority of students needs to work while studying in order to finance their academic education and living at the place of study. It will not be long until one has reached the limit of one’s capacity. It is for a good reason that psychological support services are common facilities at universities and higher-education institutions these days. The danger of getting burnt-out has by now become one of the greatest career risks for full-time students and part-time students alike. The good news is: it does not have to get that far. A potential solution that is increasingly in demand when it comes to boosting ones’s career is to seek professional help from an academic ghostwriter. However, caution is required! As in any other industry, there are occasionally major quality differences among individual service providers. Below, we will show you what academic ghostwriters can do for you and what you should be looking out for when finding the ghostwriter of your choice.


Academic Ghostwriters Provide Assistance In Many Areas

Academic ghostwriters provide valuable assistance in matters relating to academic writing. They support you in planning and creating academic texts of all sorts, whether it be essays, term and seminar papers, Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses, Magister theses, Diploma theses, or doctorate theses. You have the choice between academic coaching/mentoring and academic ghostwriting in the strict sense. If you choose to take part in a coaching or mentoring program, you will benefit from the wealth of experience of distinguished academics whose useful advice and recommendations get you on the right track safely and quickly. In their capacity as mentors, they show you what is important when writing an academic text as well as what requirements and criteria you need to meet in order to succeed. The advantage: You only learn what you actually need, without having to pore over tons of guide books.


Should you be opting for the second variant, you will receive an individually tailored orientation text you can use as a “blueprint“ when creating your own text. The advantage of commissioning sample texts is that you save valuable time insofar as you are spared a great deal of tedious literature research work as well as tiresome conceptual work.


The scope of services offered by academic ghostwriters does not end here, though. In addition to providing writing aid, the service portfolio of academic ghostwriters also includes other text-related services, among them proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, formatting, translating, and transcribing.


4 Characteristics Of A Legit Academic Ghostwriter

Lest seeking advice from an academic ghostwriter turns into a career killer, there are a number of important points you should bear in mind when choosing an academic ghostwriter. Though it is true that one can never be 100% sure, there still are some distinguishing marks that suggest the professional integrity of a ghostwriting provider.


1. Personal Advisory Services

To be sure, many ghostwriting clients prefer absolute anonymity, but there should be at least the possibility of getting personal advice beyond email communication, for example via phone or Skype. If need be, some consultants sometimes even offer on-site consultations in major German cities. Keep this in mind: It is only by way of personal contact that you are able to paint a clear picture of the person you are willing to give your money to.


2. Realistic Prices

Beware of low-price providers! A cheaper option may in the end turn out to be a very expensive one. If one goes hunting for bargains when it comes to texts as complex as academic sample texts, one should not be surprised if this ultimately comes to the detriment of text quality and customer benefit. Fair-priced service instead of low-priced service. Text work is hard intellectual labor that comes with a certain price. Dumping prices also mean low pay for ghostwriters; low pay, in turn, usually means superficial and in the worst case inadequate results. With more expensive ghostwriting providers, on the other hand, prices typically include quality management services that ensure compliance with fundamental quality criteria according to the four-eyes principle. Therefore, plagiarism assessments and numerous revision loops usually are a natural concomitant of their services. Investing in quality work at realistic prices is investing in your future career.


3. Sustainable customer care

Good customer relations, like friendships, require sufficient care. Academic consultants of integrity therefore consider a client king even after the project is completed. Reliable academic ghostwriters, then, remain available in the event of questions, problems and requests even when they have already received the final payment. Some ghostwriting providers even take it for granted to offer free post-editing services.


4. Long-term Experience

Naturally, the time a ghostwriting providers has been in the market, in and of itself, does not say anything about the quality of his work. However, many years of experience are an indication of a firm’s stability and trustworthiness. Any company that manages to remain a market player over an extended period of time, has succeeded in standing up to the competition and gaining a certain degree of customer trust. Yet experience, as anyone knows, goes a long way. To be an experienced academic ghostwriter, one should be in the business for at least ten years.

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