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Dreaming of having your academic work published by a reputable publisher? will make your dream come true. Increase your public awareness! Quick & reliable publication services. Publish your book now!


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Despite digitalization, a publisher publication is still one of the most effective ways of disseminating content unerringly and positioning oneself plausibly as an expert in the public eye. This applies to scientific publications as well as to business publications. Book publishing is and remains a popular classic. This is not least due to the haptic pleasure caused by feeling in book form one’s Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, doctoral or Corporate Book in one’s own hands. The conventional way of publishing, however, requires a higher degree of organizational effort. Finding a proper publisher one feels comfortable with is not always pure joy. It might take plenty of time before a publisher is finally found where both the chemistry and price-performance ratio is right. For this reason, an increasing number of scientific authors appreciate the time-saving opportunity of leaving such tedious organizational work to experts who know their way around in the complex world of publishing., being one those experts, knows exactly how to publish a book. With our help, you can put the publication issue to rest.


Reliable Book Publisher Publication Services


Publishing your academic book is a huge milestone in your career and signifies great success. However, many struggle to take the right steps and do not know how to publish a book with a reputable publisher. We will be glad to arrange for all activities associated with publishing, from assignment of an ISBN/ISSN number through distribution of at least ten copies in various libraries in the German-speaking region to listing of your book in the list of deliverable books. But that’s not all. Also included in our extensive service package is the creation of an e-book printing template, as well as two free high-quality copies for your personal use that feature a noble cover design and are printed using state-of-the-art printing technology for your personal use. Our expert services take the stress away from you and provide you with swift and impressive results. Have your work published in no time!


Prompt Publisher Publication & Beyond


Although the publication of your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, doctoral or CAS thesis is one of the most difficult tasks, it is better to be safe than sorry. А book or scientific article needs to meet several quality requirements before publication. To that end, we provide certain editorial services to help you meet the academic standards. Take advantage of our professional proofreading, editing, paraphrasing and formatting services. Have us perform an in-depth plagiarism check to avoid the risk of copyright infringement. Let us pave your way to academic success!


Instant Price Estimate For Your Publisher Publication


To get a quick price estimate for your publisher publication, use our convenient price calculator. Simply enter your specifications and requirements to find out how much our specialist services will cost you approximately. Order today!


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Our free video tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of academic writing. Get expert academic writing assistance. The essentials are a click away. Begin learning immediately!

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