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Editing text is the process of ensuring the quality of a text. Although this is also true for proofreading to some extent, editing is more comprehensive and sophisticated than proofreading. In addition to merely reviewing linguistic and formal correctness of a text, as is standard practice with proofreading, editing also aims to achieve a content-related review and examination. The emphasis is on issues concerning text structure, text coherence, consistency, and text style. Is the text structured correctly? Is the text style appropriate for the text type? Is the text comprehensible? Is the author’s reasoning conclusive?  Are the statements made in the text understandable and properly quoted? Is the text's communication goal met? Along such questions, editors strive to optimize text in the best way possible.


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As everyone knows, editing text is particularly appropriate in the context of examination papers and degree theses. Student papers and theses are frequently subjected to severe qualitative losses due to a lack of a common thread, a comprehensible line of reasoning, or standard-compliant citation. Don’t let your text suffer the same fate. Simply rely on the quick and confidential assistance of our academically trained editors, who will polish your text to perfection.


With the expert assistance of ghostwriting.com, transform your text into a masterpiece and set yourself apart from the rest of your peers. And that's not all! Now that you are already familiar with our main priorities, such as high quality, fair prices, and reliable service, you should check out our other online services that you might need. Everything from formatting through plagiarism check to peer review publication.


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The professional text experts of ghostwriting.com with extensive academic writing experience will make your text flawless. They will take care of any issues that occur in your text so that your work is met with the highest level of approval, no matter the academic field: Business Studies & Business Management, Education & Pedagogy, Sociology, Media & Communication, Humanities, Medicine & Public Health, and others. Be sure to give your term paper, Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or PhD thesis the credit it deserves and stand out with a one-of-a-kind text.


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To get an unbinding price offer on your editing project, use our price calculator. Simply enter all required information and immediately receive a price estimate. By the way: If you order early, you will enjoy the benefit of a lower price.


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Take a look at our highly informative video tutorials on academic writing. You will quickly learn how to cite correctly, research literature the right way, conduct empirical research, and much more.

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