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Due to the considerable time effort associated with conducting literature research, an increasing number of students decide to put such work in the hands of an established contractor like By trusting experienced ghostwriters with this difficult task, you are assured that your literature research is in safe hands. The literature researches carried out by transpire in two ways: on the one hand, by checking various databases and catalogs of university libraries as as well as by making use of specialized search engines on the Internet; on the other hand, by going through bibliographies and reference lists, as well as by systematically searching for references in footnotes of individual works of specialized literature.


Depending on the respective discipline, our highly skilled writers take account of both current literature and reference works and classics. Among the types of topic-related sources to be researched are, in particular, monographs, edited books, journal articles, and online sources. We offer a thorough literature research that includes sources in German as well as in foreign languages.


Reliable Literature Research Services Across All Disciplines


Literature research is one of the fundamental services offers. The basis of your Bachelor, Master, Magister, Doctoral or CAS Thesis, the literature research can be conducted by our well-versed ghostwriters, no matter what your degree is in – Business Management, Law, Linguistics & Cultural Studies, Psychology, and more.


Our specialist ghostwriters are not only well-versed in the history of their respective disciplines, but they also actively participate in academic writing. They consider literature research to be a routine duty that they would gladly take off your plate. They will know where to look for appropriate sources and will filter their content to match your criteria based on their knowledge of your topic. Ready for the next step? Our academic ghostwriters will skillfully create the perfect outline to follow up your literature research.


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When you place your order in advance, that gives our professional ghostwriters more time to work their magic. For that reason, we offer you a lower price.


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Watch our extremely helpful video tutorials for the best tips on academic writing. You will probably find “Research literature the right way – With the right method and research tools” particularly useful!

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