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Quantitative interview is a research method in the field of empirical social sciences. The quantitative interview's schedule is more formal than the qualitative interview. It contains a list of questions and answer options to be followed. In contrast to qualitative interviews, quantitative interviews are focused on statistical representativeness using a standardized interview questionnaire. What is important here is not determining connections from the perspective of individuals but determining a specific phenomenon in terms of its numerical manifestation for the purpose of survey result comparability. A borderline case is the semi-standardized interview method, which includes both open and closed questions and thus cannot always guarantee result comparability. The common feature of fully standardized and semi-standardized interviews is that they require significant amount of preparation time, which is often insufficient due to daily stress. However, without a thought-out, well-prepared survey concept, the usability of survey results is at a tipping point. There is a high risk of running the entire investigation this way. So, leave nothing to chance!


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One of the main goals of is to provide high-quality services. You can be confident that your quantitative interview order will be completed with professionalism and top quality at a fair price. In addition to providing you with a carefully developed questionnaire for your quantitative interview, we will also be glad to support your empirical Bachelor thesis, Master thesis or doctoral thesis/PhD thesis in other ways, including proofreading, editing, paraphrasing, literature research, plagiarism check, and formatting. Our discrete services extend across all major empirical disciplines, notably: Financial Studies, Economics, Engineering & Technology, Psychology, Dental Medicine, or Medicine & Public Health.


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The highly professional and experienced ghostwriters from will create a one-of-a-kind interview questionnaire for you. You will get the most relevant questions for your survey along with the respondents' answer choices. If you stick to the quantitative interview questions, the success of your quantitative research will be guaranteed.


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Want to quickly learn how to evaluate quantitative interviews? This video is for you: “Conducting quantitative content analysis in 4 stages – Here's how”. Watch this and other totally free video tutorials.

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