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Literary Studies deal with both historical and modern texts and mainly focus on analyzing and interpreting them. Literary Studies programs involve comparisons of works from various authors. They include a number of subjects, the most common of which being Linguistics, Text Analysis, Literary Theory, Intercultural Competence, Literary Criticism, Media and Cultural Communication, Authors, Periods, Genres, and more. In addition, students also have the opportunity to learn about contemporary German literature, carry out research and discuss current literary topics. A degree in Literary Studies aims to provide students with understanding of literary approaches and theories, and analytical, critical-thinking and academic writing skills, as well as the ability to gather information, form arguments and engage in debate.


German Studies is an academic field that deals with the history of the German language and its significance, as well as the German literature and culture. A degree course in German studies provides students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of German culture, as well as a high level of German language skills. Students in German Studies also have the opportunity to discuss current topics like German Film and Media Culture, different EU policies, and more. Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge, students are also encouraged to carry out research in the field of German Studies and develop valuable professional skills.


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