Ghostwriting jobs – Apply in 7 simple steps


You want to become a ghostwriter and apply for a ghostwriting job? In this video you will learn all the necessary steps. We will guide you safely through the application process. In just 2 minutes. Watch now for free & join our terrific team!

Looking for a ghostwriting job? is the place to be. In this video, we will show you how to quickly apply for one of our numerous freelance ghostwriting jobs. Let’s take a look at how this works.


How to find the application feature

You have three options to get to our application form. The first option is to click on "About" in the navigation bar and select the menu item "Freelancer application".

In addition, there is a green button on the Freelancer home page that says "Apply now", which leads you directly to the application form as well.

Thirdly, while in that mode, you can also access the application form by choosing the button with a pen icon on it, located on the left side of the screen.


Applying for a ghostwriter job step by step

Now that you have come to the application form, let us help you with completing it.

First, you need to fill in your name, surname, and email address.

Then you will be asked to create and confirm your password. Make sure to check the password requirements by clicking the information bubble in the password field.

When you are done filling in these details, you will then see a blank field where you have to include an application letter in which you explain your motivation to apply for the respective freelancer job.

Moving on, you need to specify what ghostwriting job role or ghostwriting job roles you are interested in.

We also need to know the subject areas as well as the languages you are proficient in.

To give us an idea of your professional background and skills, the next and final major step in the process is to upload your CV, work samples, and certificates or academic degrees.

Congratulations. You have almost made it through the application process. The only thing left to do is click on the red button that reads “Sign up as a freelancer’’ at the end of the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to notify you about the result.

In case you have difficulties with your application, feel free to reach out to us. Simply select the first two buttons on the left side of the screen to call us or send us a message respectively. Of course, you can also contact us via the chat.

If you want to learn more about ghostwriting jobs, go back to the freelancer welcome page, scroll down and click “Learn more”. You will then be directed to a page where we tell you what you need to know about this topic. 

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